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    | 2 min read

    3 Mn Leather Industry Jobs at Risk After Ban on Cattle Slaughter

    Leather Industry that contributes so majorly in the Indian export Industry now suffers a high risk due to Cattle slaughter ban. West Bengal alone which is the center of leather Tanning and leather production faces an uncalled for crisis of raw material, i.e leather. in the wake of the cattle ban, no cattle is traded or slaughtered the beef and leather Industry largely suffers a loss. Consequently, the loss is not restricted to the export of beef and leather products. There is a danger of millions of workers being retrenched.


Tools used to make leather goods (photo: iStock)
    Tools used to make leather goods (photo: iStock)

    West Bengal has about 500 tanneries and accounts for 55 per cent of India’s leather good's exports. But currently, the industry is unable to meet the production requirement due to shortage of raw material. Not only West Bengal, but the leather industry saw a dip in export value all over that has decreased to US$ 3,157.38 million from US$ 3,361.63 million. The Eastern zone market worth Rs 15,000 crore is now on the brink of collapsing within a few months if the Centre doesn’t revoke the ban on cattle slaughter.

    Cows in shed enjoy the slaughter ban (Photo: PTI )
    Cows in shed enjoy the slaughter ban (Photo: PTI )

    Families of millions of workers of the leather Industry will be affected due to job retrenchment.

    Video Editor: Mohd Irshad Alam

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