How to Make Ordinary Latte Better? Serve It With a Work of Art

By Surbhi Sharma - 17 Jun 2017

Kangbin Lee turns hot liquid into a spectacular piece of art

Kangbin Lee Coffee Art work (Photo Courtesy: <i><a href=";oe=599D7354">Facebook</a></i> )

Seoul-based barista Kangbing Lee showcased his impressive coffee brewing skills at his C Through Cafe in the South Korean capital.

He used a metal rod and a palette of food dyes to transform latte in to an outstanding work of art.

Kangbin paints designs of cartoon characters, flowers, scenes or anything he fancies on top of the hot beverage. He explained that he doesn’t just serve a regular coffee, but that he wants to “serve coffee with interesting latte art” since “people like it better”.

This coffee artist added that the most important thing when designing latte art is "staying calm" because "If I lose my temper or concentration, it will end up with a failure."

So, the question is – how do you drink such stunning piece of art?

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim

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