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    Aamir Khan all set to play the role of former astronaut Rakesh Sharma in his biopic. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/BuzzDreamz)
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    After ‘Dangal’, Aamir to Play India’s First Astronaut in Space

    Former astronaut Rakesh Sharma has recently confirmed that Dangal actor Aamir Khan will be essaying his character in an upcoming biopic. A Deccan Chronicle report suggests that Mahesh Mathai is helming the ambitious project, the idea for which has been in the pipeline for almost eight years.

    The report also suggests that the biopic is likely to be titled Salute and is being produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur’s banner, RK Films (Roy Kapur Films).

    It is a very tedious affair. It’s still in the offing and Aamir Khan is going to play my role. But the rest has not been finalised. It all depends on how the movie is handled. Even the final script is not locked yet, so I don’t know what parts of my life will be portrayed on screen.
    Rakesh Sharma, Former Indian Astronaut
    An old photo of Rakesh Sharma. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/HeyyMogambo)
    An old photo of Rakesh Sharma. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/HeyyMogambo)

    The National Defence Academy alum spent seven days, 21 hours and 40 minutes in space. In 1984, he made the nation proud by becoming the first Indian to have visited space on the Soyuz T-11. Having graduated from Nizam College in Hyderabad, Sharma was also awarded the Ashok Chakra and ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’ title.

    After striking a patriotic chord with Dangal, Aamir Khan seems to be all set to do it once more with Salute. With a character that an actor can learn so much from, we’re sure that Mr Perfectionist will do a stellar job.

    (Source: Deccan Chronicle)

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