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    Who can click drop-dead gorgeous models better than Atul Kasbekar? (Photo: Volvo India)
    | 1 min read

    Original, Stylish, and Swedish: Meet Atul Kasbekar’s Perfect Model

    No one personifies glamour quite like Atul Kasbekar. A peerless photographer and style icon known for clicking beautiful pictures of some of the world’s most gorgeous models, Kasbekar lives a life that’s the envy of most people. Oh, and if you needed more reasons to feel jealous - apart from travelling around the world and redefining visual culture, he has also produced a National Award winning film this year.

    So, for those curious, what does it take to be one of India's leading fashion photographers?

    Well, the usual - hard work and an appetite for excellence. But also a trained pair of eyes to recognize talent that’ll look great within the frame of a camera. Such a skill does not come easy, and the search for the perfect model who can convey a photographer's artistic vision never ends.

    Kasbekar is particularly pleased with a new find. A model who is better, hotter, bolder than ever; AND is Swedish!

    Watch how Kasbekar found his perfect model here:

    Elegant, classy, and possessing an unmistakable aura, the all new Volvo S90 has certainly captured Atul Kasbekar’s imagination. With its world-class features, luxurious cabin, eye-catching design, and the most advanced powertrain in the market, it is truly at the pinnacle of automobile engineering.

    To know more about S90, click here.

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