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    Watch The Quint’s Bol Rap Ft. Chacha Nehru

    The best way to celebrate Independence day is with a song. But we're a country that speaks over 1,600 tongues. So we at The Quint have wrapped up a few of 'em into a rap!

    And as our ‘Tryst With Destiny’ continues, chacha Nehru, aka maker of modern India, aka fashionista of the 50s, aka Jawaharlal Nehru, raps along.

    His message is not just of a destiny we must fulfil, but of a diversity we need to recognise and celebrate.

    So here's to the nation, in a dozen mother tongues! Sing along, and BOL boldly in your mother tongue.

    Here's to a lour and beautifully vibrant Independence Day! Gaalis to qawalis, poems to memes, what's not to celebrate!

    Nehru's voice (Long years ago, we made a Tryst with destiny...
    Tryst...with destiny. Tryst, Tryst...with destiny.)

    Words have power they heal and flower
    into desi memes and the need of the hour
    (When the world sleeps...India will awake)
    to sixteen hundred tongues seeking a voice, a new fate

    From the language of the ancients to internet slang - YOLO
    bolo sanskari or say sorry not sorry -
    Get this
    (soul of a nation to break into rhyme –  it’s time...)
    (soul of a soul of a  soul of a nation)
    Kem che majhe ma dilli ka rajma
    maan amma ammie it don't matter what you call your mummy

    India's the baap of funky linquistics -
    Ayyo! Yo! Ende Ammo! Rei! Kaun hai be!
    Bidda! Magane! Thammu! (All of these are just expressions of surprise in different languages)

    funkaar bol hai
    bhaasha behad cool hai (HINDI)

    mozhi enadu tamil ada
    oli oLiyai oorum thaenada (TAMIL) (Tamil is my language, it is honey that flows as sound and light)

    (India discovers herself again
    India discovers herself again...)
    Again and again, we discover ourselves
    (Full of freedom and power)
    That's freedom to dissent
    in every accent –

    We've got promises to keep - and
    sweet 'gaalis' to bleep
    from the gal da pind to
    desi gone with the wind

    Vaividhyam annade
    naa bhaashana jwaalai merise raa (TELUGU)
    (Diversity is the fire that burns bright in my language)

    Amar shonar bangla chirodin
    amar prane bajay bashe (BANGLA)
    (My 'golden' Bangla is my life forever)

    Nothing's lost in translation
    cuz' we're many but we're still one nation
    every song every rhyme every word every time
    keeps time with the beat of a billion hearts
    Here we go here we are here we at here we start!

    Pyar gaai hing goru sadhinota swatantra
    chai cha sa the chaya ektu sanu che!

    Boli, Bhasha, Dil Dhadkan mein
    Anaik aur ek hai (KASHMIRI)
    (Words and languages in my heart beat are many, and yet one)

    Nyangalode hridayathilum
    madhuram oorum oro vaakilum (MALAYALAM)
    (My 'golden' Bangla is my life forever)

    Ekaakar aapna hriday maa anedarek sathya che. (GUJARATI)
    (The one truth is the same in my heart and in those of the many).

    (At the stroke of the midnight hour
    when the world sleeps
    India will awake
    to life and freedom)

    Lyrics, Music & Rap: Vikram Venkateswaran
    Producers: Tridip Mandal, Vikram Venkateswaran & Divya Talwar
    Editor: Kunal Mehra
    Camerapersons: Athar Rather & Sanjoy Deb
    Special Thanks: Aditya Vij
    Footage Courtesy: Films Division

    (We all love to express ourselves, but how often do we do it in our mother tongue? Here's your chance! This Independence Day, khul ke bol with BOL – Love your Bhasha. Sing, write, perform, spew poetry – whatever you like – in your mother tongue. Send us your BOL at bol@thequint.com or WhatsApp it to 9910181818.)

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